Listening to 곱게 자랐어요 (feat. Haeun) by Coffee Boy

.who will comfort me?
.who will know my mind?
.it seems like everyone laugh at me
.there’s no one to lean on
.i said i’m fine
.i thought i got accustomed to it
.but despair comes back to me
.make me fall down again

.i’ll be on your side
.i’ll say it’ll be ok
.it’ll be all right, you’ll shine, and you’re precious to me
.when you feel like the end, remember my voice
.it’s ok, it’ll be all right
.you’re most precious to me – Preview it on Path.

MESEM w/ coach Adji [ Top Coach Indonesia ]

Entrepreneur Mindset

My brother’s birthday

at Wisata Apung Kampung Rawa Ambarawa

photo by Pasa Mahmudin and Pak Ical


7th birthday’s goodreads indonesia

photo by Pasa Mahmudin

Ziarah ke Yogyakarta

photo by Pasa Mahmudin


on the wedding party [manunggal jati]

Isa dan Mita

pameran selfie at Galeri Merak

photo by Iesha and Mita

.always take a photo every moment with you

Sketch Mala Iis by Iesha Jiwil